Manufacturer: HAY

Year: 2018

I first noticed the specific steel-tube technique on bicycle racks and parking lots around Copenhagen and suddenly I started seeing it used in many applications: Hand tools, Household plumbing, Large factory air ventilation systems and so on. In the beginning it was the visual quality of the tube deformation I was drawn to, only later to realise that there where some clever construction advantages hidden here.

The starting point of the design was really the technique itself. It is not an unusual way of working for me; finding a specific detail or technique and focusing on that to begin with and let the rest of the object design itself – based on the directions given from the logic of the starting point.

Hopefully I have achieved a stool that is part elegant, part graphically strong, part minimal and part classic, actually it is in many ways it’s a very classic barstool, a solid wooden seat on a welded steel frame. But thanks to the technique there is something almost liquid about the transition of the steel tubes, something which usually only is achieved with casted objects.