Manufacturer: HAY

Year: 2022

Parade is an ambient light source in colored glass, with a sculptural quality. The body of the lamp consists of a top (arc) and a bottom (square), the top being oriented diagonally to the bottom. The square makes tessellation possible, and the arc changes the experience of the shape depending on which way the lamp turns.

The carefully selected sizes and colors complement each other in height, tone and temperature, creating a cohesive effect that forms an interlinking pattern when multiple lamps are viewed together. Equally appealing as a collection of illuminating sculptures, a single light source on a bedside cabinet or displayed with other ornaments without the light switched on, Parade combines functionality with aesthetics to create a versatile and unique lamp. The custom, integrated LED light source, which can be replaced if required, has an inline step-dimmer that allows the light output to be adjusted to different settings.

Looking at the lamp when it’s off, one will often see a reflection of light in the top of the lamp – the arc easily captures a reflection. This subtly emphasises the geometry, and is an understated quality of Parade.

Designed in collaboration with Viola Heyn-Johnsen.