Manufacturer: FRAMA

Year: 2016

The first pieces of the Rivet series were conceived at Statens Værksteder for Kunst, in 2011. After having trouble welding sheets of aluminum together, I found a riveting technique suitable for making 90 degree connections between separate sheets.

Since 2016 Copenhagen based brand FRAMA, has produced several of the pieces in the Rivet series.

“The Rivet design is a symbiosis between craftsmanship and industrial production. Based on the traditional hand construction technique of riveting, the Rivet Series is made of laser-cut raw aluminum sheets, hereafter joined together by hand using a basic hammer tool. A celebration of the purity of aluminum, left untreated with the material’s honesty in mind” – FRAMA

Today the Rivet series consists of:

Rivet Side Table, Rivet Box Table, Rivet Shelves, Rivet Chair, Rivet Typecase, Rivet Case, Rivet Cart